Treatment Testimonials

Karen Haigh, St Agnes, Cornwall, UK

I have to tell you about a treatment I had last week that has made a great difference to my skin.

I had Derma Roller treatment that has definitely improved my wrinkles and also given it an overall glow and vitality. I’ve tried out lots of different treatments over the years, but this has been the most effective by far.

I had it at The Mitchell Clinic in Truro with Paul Adkins who’s a brilliant acupuncturist…he can target specific problem areas too… Highly, highly and even higher… recommendation for this treatment… I shall be returning for more…

Stella Woods, Cornwall, UK

Last year I had a course of facial acupuncture at Paul’s clinic which left my skin looking brighter and smoother. The treatment itself is very relaxing and is of benefit to the whole body not just the face. After a treatment I feel calm but also energised. So I was intrigued by Paul’s new dermal roller therapy. This is a step up treatment with more noticeable immediate effect. Not at all uncomfortable, the fact it continues to work for the next eight weeks is a real bonus. As I have had so many complimentary remarks on how well I look I shall definitely be returning.

Lesley, Cornwall, UK

Hi Paul – Just wanted to say a huge thank you for ridding me of my beastly acne rosacea. My doctor told me I would have to learn to live with it but thanks to you I have been clear for 5 years. I only tried it as a last resort – what a success story! Many thanks again for your professional skills and also your friendship. You are a very talented yet modest person. You deserve all the success in the world – but please don’t move away from Cornwall!!

Jo, Truro, Cornwall, UK

I decided to try acupuncture to lose a few pounds, and slowly but surely I lost half a stone which I was really happy with. Not only that, but after each session I felt really awake and energised. So I’d definitely recommend a few acupuncture sessions if you’re feeling a bit run down and in need of a boost. The thing that blew me away the most though was the facial enhancement taster session that I had to rid some eczema that had developed under my eyes. Immediately it took effect and the very next day, the eczema had reduced and the redness and soreness has disappeared. I was just amazed. The Mitchell Hill Clinic is a lovely and relaxing place and Paul is really friendly and professional. So if you’re considering acupuncture for whatever reason, then my recommended choice would most definitely be The Mitchell Hill Clinic.

Lindsay, Truro, Cornwall, UK

I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels over the few weeks I have been having acupuncture. I have been sleeping better – I particularly notice this the first 2 or 3 days following treatment. Facial acupuncture has subtly improved the overall appearance of my skin – it somehow appears ‘brighter’. I feel generally more ‘in balance’ physically and emotionally.

J.B., Truro, Cornwall, UK

I have been receiving Facial treatments from The Mitchell Hill Clinic now for over two months and I am so pleased with the results. My skin quality has dramatically improved and the lines that were starting to show around my eyes and on the bridge of my nose have almost faded away, as an added bonus I am starting to feel so much better in myself. I can highly recommend the clinic and the treatments that they do.

Karen, Cornwall, UK

After the treatment I could see an immediate difference in my skin, it looked radiated and slightly lifted and over the days it feels firmer. The benefits obviously increase with each additional visit. It’s a great, natural alternative for anyone thinking about Botox or would just like their face to look healthy and rejuvenated.