Micro Needle Therapy Treatment FAQs


Q. What can dermal rollers treat in a Micro Needle Therapy session?

A. Areas we might wish to focus on during treatment may include:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Pigmentation marks
  • Scars (acne, chickenpox, pitted etc.)
  • Tightening your pores
  • Improving skin tone/complexion

Q. Does Micro-Needling hurt?

A. Your practitioner will administer a local anaesthetic cream to your skin at the start of the treatment, making the needling completely painless.

Q. Will my skin be sore after treatment?

A. There may be a temporary reddening of the skin for at least 24 hours after your therapy session. The effect is like a very mild sunburn. As a result, you should avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours after treatment. It’s important to schedule your appointment with this in mind.

Q. I am going on a sunshine holiday in a few days, should I wait until I am home before I book?

A. Yes, if you would like treatment before, it is recommended that you make your appointment a minimum of 1 week before you leave. That way, your skin continues to produce collagen and heal continually after your session and will be at its best for your holiday.

Q. Does the Micro-Needling damage the skin?

A. Please visit How Micro Needling Works to discover how this treatment enhances the skin.

Q. Is Micro-Needling suitable for everyone?

A. No, you should not undertake this therapy if you are suffering from active acne or other types of skin inflammation or infection. The treatment is not recommended for those with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, poor clotting or raised moles/warts. It is also not recommended if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Please contact your chosen Micro Needle Therapy practitioner would be suitable for you or to see if the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture treatment would be preferable.

Q. When will I see results?

A. You will notice an improvement in your skin after your first facial treatment which will continue to enhance over the next few weeks as it produces extra collagen. See How Micro Needling Works to find out more.

Q. How often should I receive treatment?

A. A course of 3 treatments is recommended with 4-6 week intervals between sessions.

Q. How much does a Micro Needle Therapy session cost?

A. The price will vary depending on your practitioner, location etc. On average, a session could be anywhere between £100 – £300.

Q. How can I book a treatment session?

A. To schedule an appointment with Paul Adkins in Cornwall, please visit The Mitchell Hill Clinic website. Alternatively, find an MNT practitioner near you by visiting our practitioner’s page.

Q. I see you sell Dermarollers, are the results as good as if I came for professional treatment?

A. We sell the 0.3mm Medik8 Dermaroller for home-use and, if used regularly, you will see results within 2-4 weeks. These rollers have shorter needles compared to the 1.5 needle roller used by during your professional-standard treatment. Therefore you will see a more pronounced effect after visiting an MNT practitioner for one treatment.

Note: Professional rollers should only be used by a professional facial specialist.

Q. I would like to purchase a dermaroller for home use, but I am not sure how to use it?

A. When you buy a Medik8 Dermaroller from FACIALENHANCE®, you will receive full instructions for its correct use.

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