Cosmetic Acupuncture for Men

Cosmetic Acupuncture for MalesThe male grooming industry is steadily increasing and is becoming a more acceptable part of a man’s day-to-day routine.

According to an article in the March 2009 edition of The Sunday Times – “Botox for men is on the rise”. So, it seems that it is no longer just women that are looking to turn back the clock; more and more men are seeking out anti-ageing treatments too.

Botox lasts around 3 – 4 months and is effective in reducing the wrinkles but, unlike acupuncture, often causes a lack of movement in the face. It also carries the risk of the client experiencing a range of possible side effects.

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture, in contrast, will require a course of treatment to show noticeable results. However, we treat the whole face, and as we use body points, your health and wellbeing can be significantly improved by undertaking a series of treatments. Paul Adkins’ cosmetic acupuncture clients often report that they feel healthier, sleep better, have brighter eyes and feel more balanced – those are the kind of side effects we like!

The acupuncture points and the way that we use them in a FACIALENHANCE® session have all been chosen specifically with this overall achievement of wellbeing in mind.

This treatment also works on lifting the face, particularly where the face begins to sag around the ‘jowls’ and the cheek area, rather than only targeting wrinkles.