Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic AcupunctureA cosmetic acupuncture treatment will concentrate on points and muscles of the face in order to improve elasticity of your skin and general overall appearance.

During the treatment your Facial Enhancement Acupuncture practitioner will also needle constitutional points on your legs, arms and body, these are the points that will help to balance and harmonise your inner elements.

Studies published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture in 1996 showed that: “…of 300 people who received Facial Acupuncture, 90% demonstrated marked results after only their first treatment.”

From August to September 2011 a pilot study* was carried out at Kyung Hee University Hospital in Gangdong, Korea.

28 women aged between 40 – 59 received five sessions of facial acupuncture over three weeks.

The participants’ skin was measured before and after the treatments. There was a significant improvement in the ‘Moire Topography’ criteria, which is used to measure the facial contours and skin elasticity.

Over the course of treatments you can not only expect to be looking more radiant, but you will also start to feel more at balance and happy in yourself. The Irish Times acclaimed this treatment as:

“…a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery and the effects can run much deeper than simply improving appearances.”

When you feel more in control of your Body, Mind and Spirit you can then start to address other issues in your life. These may be things to do with exercise or lifestyle, or maybe you would like to stop smoking, or lose some weight. These are all things that we can achieve when we are in balance and feeling good about ourselves, once you start to feel like this, you will be surprised how much your self image improves. This can be achieved by Facial Enhancement Acupuncture bringing your natural beauty to the surface.

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is not just about how we look and how we want other people to see us, it is about how we feel inside and how those feelings express themselves on our face.

We are all lured by the images that we see on the television and in magazines showing the latest look that we should all aspire to however, many of these expectations are unrealistic.

The pressure is on both men (see cosmetic acupuncture for men) and women to look their best in order to succeed with their careers and their social lives. If we are not happy and contented on the inside, then it is an unreasonable expectation for our faces to exude a radiance and natural beauty. “That’s all well and good” you might say, “but I want to shed a few of these wrinkles and look a little younger!”

We can do that no problem, but what I am saying is that in order to have any lasting effect on a person’s outer beauty we need to work with their inner self to build a foundation that will enable the person’s natural beauty to shine through.

Paul Adkins Lic.Ac., BA(Hons), 1stDan, FEA, MBAcC, MCAUK


Treatment History

Excerpts taken from Paul Adkins’ latest book – Facial Enhancement Acupuncture: Clinical Use and Application

“It is widely held that the Chinese Empress, and the Emperor’s concubines, as far back as the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD) received acupuncture to aid rejuvenation and specifically promote anti-ageing: ‘A remarkable blossoming of acupuncture occurred under this dynasty. We owe this period the famous Bronze Man, the founding of a faculty of acupuncture and the printing and distribution of drawings and important works.’ (Soulie De Morant, G. 1878-1955, p.12)

“…The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD) saw further development in cosmetology when Li Shi Zhen, one of the most highly regarded Chinese physicians in history, wrote the classic Cao Gang Mu or ‘Materia Medica’: ‘Linking chapters to specific facial features, Li Shi Zhen addressed the unique treatment requirements of the eyes, nose, lips, teeth and hair, as well as the more overriding issues of complexion and wrinkles.’ (Zhang, P. 2006, p.7) Related beauty techniques using jade rollers are also deemed to have their origins in this era. China’s Forbidden City, built during the Ming Dynasty, is said to display them as part of the Emperor’s bedroom necessities in the Imperial Palace.

“Acupuncture has been used to promote longevity, enhance the skin and reverse the signs of ageing for centuries. However, it is probably only in the past few decades that acupuncture points of the face have been used in any sequence, with the goal of providing a full facial acupuncture treatment. The cosmetic acupuncture protocols, as we recognise them today, are now practised around the world. I am sure that they will continue to evolve and develop, but their roots will remain in the foundations of acupuncture established hundreds of years ago.”

© Paul Adkins 2013

Soulie de Morant, G. (1878-1955) Zmiewski, P. (ed) (1972) Chinese Acupuncture (L’Acuponcture Chinoise), Translated by Grinnell, L., Jeanmougin, C., Leveque, M. Brookline: Paradigm Publications.
Zhang, P. (2006) A Comprehensive Handbook for Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Rejuvenation. New York: Nefeli Corporation.


 Treatment Aims

Generally in today’s society we have many issues involving families or careers that may cause us emotional stress. This is a part of life and it’s impossible to eradicate these issues totally. In Paul’s experience, what we can do with acupuncture is to help the Body, Mind and Spirit to cope with these highs and lows of life and maintain a more even balance.

We could look at the family car as an example; many of us use the car daily and rely on it to start every time and get us to where we want to go. What happens, however, when we forget to service the car, or we forget to maintain the oil levels? Of course it breaks down and everything grinds to a halt.

We would not expect to run the family car on empty for long without it letting us down. Although, we are constantly running ourselves on empty and are then surprised when things start to give up on us and let us down.

With Facial Enhancement Acupuncture we will help improve those wrinkles, lift the face and we will also help to eradicate those laughter lines around the eyes, but what we will also do is to help your Body, Mind and Spirit in a way that will strengthen your total wellbeing.