Facial Enhancement Acupuncture Training FAQs

Yes, Paul Adkins has trained members of BAWMA and the BMAS; the majority of acupuncture backgrounds make you eligible for training. If you are unsure about whether you qualify, please contact us to find out.
Yes, Paul’s FEA Masterclass/Workshop, One-to-One Tuition and Online Course are inclusive of the majority of acupuncture backgrounds, and you can integrate it into your practice. If you have any doubts about eligibility, please contact us before you enrol to discuss whether your level of training is suitable.
No, Paul’s FEA course is only open to students who have entered their clinical aspect of training and qualified acupuncture practitioners. He is unable to teach students who have not begun needling. The FEA course does not enable you to insure yourself to practice until you are a fully qualified acupuncturist with permission to practise from your teaching establishment. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.
Yes, Paul’s trained acupuncturists in 40 countries, including New Zealand, USA, Israel, Ireland, Caribbean, Poland, Norway, Canada, Spain etc. to practice cosmetic acupuncture via his online course. Once you have completed it, you will have acquired all you need to know to practice this form of treatment. Paul’s on-hand throughout the course to assist you with the material and assignments, should you need his help at any time. Visit the online course faq’s to find out more about his virtual training school.
No, unfortunately, we are unable to train beauty therapists at present.
You can arrange One-to-One Tuition with Paul on a more suitable day (even on a weekday if you prefer) and spend the day learning Facial Enhancement Acupuncture at Positive Acupuncture, Truro, Cornwall, UK. Like the masterclass or workshops, this day will include a practical hands-on approach, full theoretical notes and comprehensive advice on how to market your new treatment protocol.
We provide all equipment and needles, although if you have a white coat or equivalent, please bring it with you, plus a notepad and pen.
Certification entitles you to be called a Facial Enhancement Acupuncture practitioner and to use the letters FEA after your name. You will also feature on the practitioners’ page of this website listed under your area, with a link to all of your contact details. The FACIALENHANCE® website ranks highly in the search engines enabling potential patients/clients to find your details effectively. Taking part in further training can also count towards your CPD.

In addition to this, we currently have an offer, for all UK-based practitioners who complete an FEA course, of a FREE one-year subscription to our professional practitioner network, Cosmetic Acupuncture UK (CAUK).
Our masterclass and workshop pages also have the facility to pay a deposit via PayPal to secure your place on an upcoming course.

One-to-One Tuition needs to be arranged plenty of time in advance; please contact us to check availability.
No, Paul selects the products and equipment that he uses in his protocol for their high quality and suitability for purpose, however, if you currently use another needle supplier and source your skincare products for use in your practice, then there is no need to adopt our products.