Scarboroughs Acupuncture Supplies Sponsor FACIALENHANCE®

Scarborough Acupuncture Supplies

We are delighted to announce that Scarboroughs Acupuncture Supplies now sponsor FACIALENHANCE®, Acupuncture Courses Online and Cosmetic Acupuncture UK.

Scarboroughs is a family-run business established in 1974. Now in the second generation, the Company has a wealth of experience with acupuncture products. Scarboroughs was one of the first companies to import electro-acupuncture units into the UK and now supplies the NHS, the MOD and large teaching organisations as well as individual therapists.

Scarborough stocks an extensive range of acupuncture needles to suit all therapists and all disciplines.

We are excited to partner with Scarboroughs as our official main sponsor and provide exclusive discounts for our Cosmetic Acupuncture UK – Professional Practitioner Network Members.

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