Needles for Cosmetic Acupuncture

I recently received this question from an American acupuncturist who had read my book The Pocket Guide to Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and wanted to know why I specifically use plastic needles for cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

Q. Is there a special reason you like to use the plastic handles or would metal handled needles do as well?

A. I use plastic handled needles for cosmetic acupuncture because they are lighter and therefore, remain upright in the face. If I use metal handled needles the weight of them makes them lean over across the skin. This means that, due to the number of needles required in this treatment, it makes it more difficult to insert the other needles in the face. Using plastic handled needles make it much easier to perform the treatment as you can clearly see the areas of the face you are working on.

Please email me with any questions you may have about cosmetic acupuncture, I would be happy to help.

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