Some really great points to use in a cosmetic treatment

These are some lovely points that a student of mine has suggested, they are all great points that can be used during a cosmetic treatment.

LI-4 (Hegu) – This point expels wind, releases the exterior, regulates the face, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. It activates the channel and alleviates pain and is the Gao Wu Command Point for the face and mouth.

St-44 (Neiting) – Clears heat from the stomach meridian, clears damp-heat and alleviates pain in the face.

SJ-5 (Waiguan) – Expels wind and releases the exterior, benefits the head and ears, clears heat, activates the channel and alleviates pain.

GB-41 ( ) – Spreads Liver Qi, clears the head and benefits the eyes.

SI-3 (Houxi) – Clears wind and heat, activates meridian and alleviates pain, opens Du Mai.

Bl-62 (Shenmai) – Pacifies interior wind, expels exterior wind, benefits head and eyes, activates channel and alleviates pain, opens Yangqiao Mai.

Opening the Du and Yangqiao will have additional effects of expelling wind and benefit the eyes.

I really like the suggestions of SJ5 and BL62 and will be using these in my next treatment.


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