Month: June 2009

One Hundred Meetings

One Hundred Meetings or Upright Pillar, as it is sometimes known, is a great point for lifting, often used in the treatment of conditions such as prolapse. This is a point that I use in every cosmetic treatment exactly for those benefits of lifting.Paul — Post From My iPhone

Surrounding the Dragon

This is a great technique for dealing with age spots or acne scars; you surround the area you are treating with needles pointing inwards, this directs qi and energy towards the offending area. After a few treatments you should find the condition improves. Paul — Post From My iPhone

BL1 Dont shy away from it!

I have just completed a lovely Cosmetic treatment this morning, used BL1 which is something I rarely do.Great point helps bring life to the eyes and eliminates the dark circles around the eyes.Don’t worry too much just go for it, a great point! — Post From My iPhone1