Tokyo Facial Acupuncture Workshop

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture: the natural, anti-ageing protocol practised in 40 countries.

FACIALENHANCE® has been providing Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA), also known as cosmetic acupuncture or facial rejuvenation acupuncture, treatment and training since 2004.

Traditional Five-Element Acupuncturist Paul Adkins developed the protocol. He treats clients in Cornwall, UK, and has trained practitioners worldwide to practise his treatment.

Cosmetic acupuncture training is available via our Facial Enhancement Cosmetic Acupuncture Online Course. Acupuncture practitioners can attend acupuncture workshops, or one-to-one facial rejuvenation acupuncture training can be arranged.

In 2010, Paul also created the FACIALENHANCE® Micro Needle Therapy (MNT) treatment protocol. MNT is a skin needling technique that some call mesotherapy, derma rolling, dermaroller, skin rolling, or collagen induction therapy (CIT).

Facial Enhancement Jade Roller Massage is a technique developed by Paul and taught online to acupuncturists, beauty therapists, and practitioners looking to incorporate these fantastic Chinese beauty tools into their treatments.

Looking for a practitioner near you? Find our FACIALENHANCE® FEA, MNT, and Jade Roller Practitioners here.

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Trained over 1000 Acupuncture Practitioners, Worldwide. Since 2004.

Thanks for a really informative and fun day on Saturday.

I am very thankful to you for the knowledge and experiences which you have shared with us in the workshop held in Delhi, last week. I would like to benefit my patients in the coming months. Your presentation was very lucid and clear.

Really enjoyed the course on Saturday.

We enjoyed your style of presentation in cosmetic A/p session in New Delhi.

Firstly from a personal standpoint I have really enjoyed studying cosmetic acupuncture, I valued meeting you earlier this year and was inspired by your practice, your knowledge and mastery of the subject. I have found an art which has by its own definition the potential for true artistry in its technique and also treats patients

I would like to thank you for a wonderful course yesterday it was relaxed and simulating from the start. You put everyone at ease and due to the mixed backgrounds of all the practitioners in the room  you made sure everyone was on a level playing field from the off. I would highly recommend others

The online course was great and I learned several new things and it added new things to the jade massage I already did.

I attended the Facial Enhance Acupuncture course with Paul Adkins last week. The course was far better than I was expecting. Paul is a great teacher, very personable, friendly, knowledgeable and highly skilled. It is clear he has a passion for teaching as well as acupuncture. I had quite a few questions for Paul and

I have really enjoyed the course; many thanks for giving consistent support and feedback. It’s the first online course I have completed and it’s been a fantastic experience.

I would give this course 10 stars for the way it has been designed and the teachings delivered! Although I have been doing acupuncture for 13 years I have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed doing my online course with Paul. The lessons are so easy to follow and the videos go really well to

Thank you for a lovely learning experience. It was indeed a valuable addition to my limited knowledge of the subject. Enjoyed the practical aspect of it.

The course was excellent, very well structured and thorough.

Hi Paul, thanks for all your feedback and help. The course is great and I look forward to taking on new clients using your methods!

I attended the Facial Enhance Masterclass last weekend with Paul and I can’t recommend it enough. The course provided me with exactly what I needed – the knowledge, and more importantly the confidence to step out and start treating straight away. Paul was brilliant, he is so easy to get on with and just a

I have really enjoyed this course and have enhanced my skills as a practitioner and feel confident with the tuition given that I can give wonderful treatments, thank you.

Thank you Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned so much. I particularly enjoyed the practical elements and found the research subjects very interesting and enlightening. The course layout was easy to navigate and content appropriate. I’m very excited to get started with my new found skills!

Thank you very much for the encouraging feedback.  I enjoyed taking part in this course and I thought it was really worthwhile.

The course content was fluid and the video footage extremely useful. I have really enjoyed the alternative acupuncture perspective.

Thank you Paul. Your course was interesting, refreshing and encouraging.

Easy to follow instructions, I like to learn with short videos. I can go back to so this suited me perfectly.

Thank you Paul, have thoroughly enjoyed the course, opening new avenues. …looking forward to incorporating this unique service to my local community. Fantastic format that pushes you to the next level, thank you so much for the opportunity and the positive feedback. Will hopefully attend a workshop in the future to consolidate skills. Cheers, Jamie

The website is slick and works very well, so together with your fast responses it has been a positive & fascinating experience.

Hi Paul, Many thanks for your kind comments following module submissions while completing the course. You know, this is the third course I’ve done regarding Cosmetic Acupuncture, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s more structured and detailed; more comprehensive in terms of treatment, and with invaluable continuously available positive support if required. Well done

I’m pleased with this course. It was great to do everything at my own pace, and I certainly feel more confident in needling the face now.

Hi Paul, Thank you for this fantastic course.  I am very impressed and feel satisfied that I took this course as opposed to a live course in another province.  I was impressed by your quick feedback and email responses to my questions.

I enjoyed the course enormously! Thank you very much for comparting your knowledge, I appreciate it very much! I am now starting to work with this and the people seem to be really excited about it.

The course was amazing and I love it. Thank you for the information and for being there when needed. You have given me all answers for my questions so thank you once again.

I thought your course was well organized and very informative. I found the videos to be very helpful in terms of putting what was written into practice and seeing the rhythm with which you work.

I recently attended Paul’s workshop at Truro. It was a warm welcome, a lovely peaceful treatment room to work in, and it was really beneficial for me to see Paul practice first hand and then do it under his guidance. At the end of the course I felt very confident and excited to be able

I have enjoyed the course, thank you Paul. Although having done a course before with Virginia Doran which was great. Due to lack of use of that information this was a lovely refresher for me. I felt your amount of contact and the speed of you getting things marked was better than advertised. I felt

Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement with the FEA course that I completed today. It was such a great experience and I have learned so much from you.

I would like to thank you very much for a great day last Monday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the cups of tea! I am really looking forward to using the new techniques.

Thanks – great course – amazing results – good luck with future plans. Needles ordered and can’t wait to get started.

Hello, I have finished the course off now. Very interesting, and I have been getting good results especially with the saggy necks! I have enjoyed being able to go at my pace, and having time to read around the subjects covered.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and it was just what I needed to give me the confidence to get back to work after a two year gap where I had become rusty. All the lessons were very informative. I embraced the relation to the five element theory and the holistic approach to beauty. I

This was a wonderful experience to learn facial enhancement acupuncture from you during the workshop at New Delhi, India. I hope I will be able to help many of my patients in near future with the skills learned from you.

As with the FEA course, I thought it was really well structured. The use of video is great. Any questions I had were answered in the text information, and as always, you are very prompt at replying to any queries via email. I’m really looking forward to including MNT into my practice. Thanks for another

Hello Paul, I enjoyed your F.E.A. course very much. The required research into anesthesia and auricular acupuncture gave me and even greater respect and interest in the subject. Its possibilities seem limitless. The use of the intradermals has given me another powerful tool to add to helping the growing requirements of our patients. I am

My feedback on the course includes meeting some wonderful new professional people that I intend to stay in contact with. Paul has a great teaching style that is just right, it offers enough food for thought with enough practical time to ask questions as they arise which instills confidence.

Dear Paul, Many thanks for the great comments and support you gave me. I really enjoyed the course and the way it was set out. I enjoyed doing the course at my own pace without any pressure. It’s also great to be able to feel more confident in needling areas around the face and neck

Hi Paul, Thank you very much for this course, I really enjoy it and it was great… well explained and you are a very special person… I feel a lot of positive vibes from you and see your passion.. It was a great experience and help me to have more knowledge and the appropriate tools

The Facial Enhancement Acupuncture online course has been fantastic. Due to other commitments I couldn’t get to one of Paul’s sessions for several months, so being able to study the course in my own time has been a huge help and it has enabled me to complete the course much sooner than I would have

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and can’t wait to introduce the micro needling into my clinic! The course was very well structured, with a good balance of theory, demonstration and practical and was run a good pace. Paul was very knowledgeable and supportive through out the day building our confidence so I feel more than

It was a wonderful experience to participate in your seminar at Delhi.

I’d just like to say how much I enjoyed your workshop on Saturday. You were clear and straightforward in the way you demonstrated the techniques and I came away feeling well grounded in the basic principles of facial acupuncture. I’m looking forward to practising these new skills over the coming months and definitely plan to

Thanks for your visit to INDIA, I hope you  must have enjoyed Indian hospitality, we learned a lot from you.

I have completed several facial reflexology and separate gua sha training and was delighted to find one designed by an acupuncturist. I’m currently starting my second year of a degree in Acupuncture and have my own reflexology practice where 50% of my clients come in for facial reflexology and facial gua sha. As I am

I am writing again to tell you that my Bell’s palsy treatments are so successful I get new patients all the time, having heard of other’s success. My patient who has has the condition for 20 years is even getting feeling back in the muscles of her face, and more expression on the affected side.

I found the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture Course very comprehensive, easy to understand and enjoyable. The e-lessons and the videos are very clear and concise. l chose this course because not only concentrates on the face but on the whole person as well. The clients l practiced on could see a difference after the second treatment.

My colleague and I recently attended the one day Masterclass in Facial Enhancement Acupuncture at Paul’s clinic in Truro, Cornwall. It was a long way for us to travel (from Liverpool) however it was well worth our efforts. The day was extremely informative and instructive, with opportunity to gain practical experience in facial acupuncture.Paul made

A BIG thank you to Paul at Facial Enhance for the brilliant teaching at the “hands on” MasterClass. If this is an area you think you would like to add to your practice – then don’t hesitate. Paul shares his knowledge and encouragement so that you can incorporate facial rejuvenation acupuncture into your clinic.

Just completed the Facial Enhance course excellent video and well demonstrated thank you.

Thank you for offering this course and providing details in the instructional videos that have really helped me understand and apply the various needles and point the proper way. I bought your book first and really enjoyed it but was still desiring to get a more in depth understanding of how to use many of

This course is well structured, inspiring, rich in information and wisdom. Paul is a great teacher vey helpful to his students. I also appreciate all the support he gives his students and graduates in their clinical practice, including practitioner listings and products available for the FEA treatments. I have enjoyed it all the way and

Hi Paul, thanks so much for the course, it has been extremely useful. As a western medical trained acupuncturist it has been a real learning curve to learn about TCA and it’s influence on facial acupuncture, really interesting and informative. I’m very excited to get started properly and feel confident in going ahead.

Dear Paul. I really enjoyed the course. Its great that you had to feel no pressure in finishing within a time limit… When starting up my next season I feel confident to start promoting this type of treatment in my clinic. Then I have had a lot of time to practice which is important to

This course I found to be more comprehensive than the one that was included in my course curriculum at our College here in Markham, Ontario. I enjoyed the set up, the delivery of the videos, the ability to go back and review…and of course being online it was fast and efficient. Thank you so much

Thank you so much Paul – I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is very well put together, informative with clear video tutorials and write ups. I feel confident about being able to carry out successful facial enhancement acupuncture treatments in the future. Thank you for answering all my questions throughout and guiding me through

I must say the video demo is the best way of learning and I will keep reading my notes and it is a very nice course and glad I have now come on board with it. I hope it can take me far and along with my natural facials attached with it or as a

I am having good results, and enjoying this very much. Just emailed the link to my friend to join the online course, lets hope she does.

I realy enjoyed this course. I have a few books about facial acupuncture, but with this information I couldn’t gather to start to do cosmetic treatments. This course gave me concentrated information, and now I am confident to expand the range of services with Facial enhance acupuncture. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the insight and teaching me so much. I found the information easy to understand, both the visual and written content. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of learning about Facial Acupuncture and feel like this course has opened a new door for me which has me so excited! I loved this

It is a fantastic course. This course is really helpful for me to open up a new direction in my career. It is not just face rejuvenation technique, but also it is a rejuvenation of my TCM and Acupuncture knowledge and skills. I can’t wait to add this new treatment to my practice. Thank you

Hi Paul, First I would like to thank you very much for the excellent FEA training you are offering. The content is just right, not too heavy but with all necessary details to allow fellows to start the great adventure of FEA. The videos are of excellent quality, very well explained and full of small

Hi Paul, just a short note to thank you for the brilliant course. Your infectious enthusiasm for the work, along with your generous and encouraging teaching style really made the day a pleasure. I have already been approached by a local clinic who found my details via your website! Hope to keep in touch, cheers

Hi Paul, just to say thanks so much for a fantastic course. Your support along the way has been really helpful and your feedback invaluable, can’t believe how much I’ve absorbed & how confident I feel already, even in my normal acupuncture practice I feel more confident treating facial conditions e.g. sinusitis, migraines etc. Loved

I really enjoyed my training with Paul and would highly recommend it. The course was informative, well targeted and had just the right balance of theory, practice and some great anecdotes! It was a pleasure to learn from Paul directly, and I now feel confident that I could offer this treatment to my clients. Thank

The course was fantastic and one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile courses I have undertaken. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Paul, you are a great educator and very generous with your knowledge. Thank you so much for all your help and support! I am feeling well equipped to undertake the cosmetic acupuncture techniques on my

A brilliant online course, well thought out and put together with lots of helpful clinical details. The content is easy to understand and the video teaching is excellent. I really enjoyed working through this course and would highly recommend it! Thank you, Paul.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learned a whole wealth of knowledge. I got enough confidence from this course to be able to confidently practice Facial Enhancement on friends and clients. I have gotten nothing but positive remarks from everyone. They are in turn recommending these procedures to their friends and relatives.. I

I found this course amazing. Very well put together, easy to follow and assignments really helped too. I especially enjoyed the videos as I learn well from watching others so this was helpful a lot. The feedback on the assignments helped to know you were on the right track and builds confidence too.

Today I have had my first enquiry about facial acupuncture via your Facial Enhance website which is really exciting. The course was brilliant and I am definitely all fired up about getting some patients to work on.

Hello Paul,
Thanks again for a brilliant workshop last Saturday, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to begin on my first patient next week.

I attended the master class having practiced auricular acupuncture for two years and, although less experienced than others on the course, Paul always made me feel confident at every stage. I had not needled certain body points or used needles over 3mm so I had to get used to the technique and acupuncture points before

I found the course to be much more in depth and informative than I had initially thought that it would be, and I really appreciated this. I was a bit apprehensive about undertaking an online course in needling instruction as there is no one physically there to oversee needling skills. However, I liked that I

I would like to say thank you so much for the content provided within this course! I have enjoyed learning every aspect!

Just to say a big THANK YOU for the masterclass day I had with you June 22nd in FEA. I thouroughly enjoyed it and by the end of the day felt so much more confident to go ahead and start practising.

I attended Paul’s workshop in November 2004 and have been able to successfully integrate this in my practice. Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is a wonderful natural way to remain young looking, but also to feel healthy and in perfect balance as many of my patients can testify. One of my clients said: “It is like having

I decided to branch out and complete the FEA course to provide a cosmetic treatment for my patients. I decided on the FEA with Paul due to many recommendations from my colleagues at university and within the industry. Paul was brilliantly supportive throughout and provided feedback promptly. The course detail was thorough, providing process and reasoning behind it,

That is an amazing demonstration and I’m very excited to be able to now introduce this to clients, you have made the detail of this course very easy to learn and understand.

Dear Paul, Many thanks to you for everything! Shame the course is over. I would love to come back for further training because you are such a good instructor and competent practitioner. Your clinic gave the best atmosphere and surrounding possible and your hospitality made it even better. Thanks for patiently answering all the questions.

Paul, thank you very much for the very nice time in your clinic. It was absolutely amazing in terms of practical skill I’ve got from you.

I’ve really enjoyed working through the programme and I’ve definitely gained a lot from it both on theoretical and practical levels.

I thought the class was great, I think adding this to the cosmetic acupuncture course I already took will be very helpful to give a more well rounded treatment.

Dear Paul, I enjoyed a lot the MNT training you are offering. The videos are great, very well explained and ilustrated,with enough details to allow the junior NMT practitioners start the great adventure of this particularly interesting method of skin rejuvenation. Thank you very much also for your availability and advices provided me through the

Hi Paul, thanks for putting together a great course. I have found the videos extremely helpful and particularly liked the fact that you have done a short video on each section of points, which has helped me to learn and memorise the treatment using a step-by-step process. Having regular assignments in place before being able

Thanks so much, this has been a very wonderful learning experience.

Your seminar was full of information. thank you for the knowledge you gave us.

Thanks for an amazing course. It was very informative, interesting and creative. It has added a lot to my practice. My patients are also enjoying the amazing results we are able to achieve from these treatments.

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed the Facial Enhancement Course. It has been so interesting and the course itself so easy to follow.  Thank you for your feedback on each section. I love how the course is broken up into those sections too. I am excited to be offering this

Thank you Paul for a very enjoyable Master class in Facial Enhancement Acupuncture. The day was well balanced, beginning with an introduction to the protocol, followed by an opportunity to observe two complete treatments, then a guided practice of three treatments. Paul’s enthusiasm and passion for these techniques is inspirational, I am looking forward to

Hi Paul, thanks for a brilliant course. I’ve really enjoyed doing it. The lessons were easy to follow and coupled with the videos made it feel like I was getting one:one support.

Thanks Paul, I have really enjoyed the course and have found your comments very encouraging. I very much agree with the sentiment you noted at the end of the course – that acupuncture has a lot to offer as part of a ‘beauty treatment’, as real beauty comes from the inside and acupuncture treatment helps

I really enjoyed the course it was well structured and presented. I liked seeing the demonstration before having a go, and enjoyed the time dedicated to the hands on aspect. I also felt confident enough to go and conduct this treatment on a few volunteers and patients. I thought you were really helpful on the

I am totally satisfied with your seminar. It was simply, clear and gave me so many information. When I had a question you answered me in a very short time. I will certainly
recommend it to others.

Thanks for a great course on Sunday – you created a lovely environment to learn and work in.

I really enjoyed this course. It is very informative and well laid out. I like that you can go at your own pace, leaving it for a few weeks if needed or being able to get through several modules in quick succession when time allows. Paul was very quick to respond when I had questions

Paul thank you so much for delivering such a Fantastic course.  I really enjoyed it &  It has added more knowledge to my Practice as an Acupuncturist. I found it very interesting. I did not realise there would be so much involved in it, but that is a good thing. I have learned alot from

Great course, methodical, easy to follow and well put together. I feel confident applying methods taught and look forward to using the protocol. Thank you Paul, no longer will I turn away and refer those cosmetic patients!

I thought that course was very good and detailed, having videos of different needling techniques I thought was very good and useful. Overall I really enjoyed the course, I will be recommending it to my acupuncture friends!

This course was extremely understandable, even for me who is not a native English speaker. Everything is explained and shown in detail and the contact with the instructor is of inestimable value. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to offer an additional valuable anti-age service in their practice. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

I really enjoyed working my way through the MNT course. The videos were step by step and very clear, really useful tool to look back on also. The assignments were relevant and tested my understanding of the course the whole way through. Particularly found the marketing part useful for starting to set up my business

Thanks Paul. I’ve really enjoyed the course. It was a good mix of teaching and own research and very accessible even for a technophobe like me! I’d never owed intradermal needles before and previously only used seeds for Auriculo work and am now really excited to study these areas further.

An essential part of the Course providing first hand experience on approach, technique and an opportunity to talk with Clients who have reaped the benefits of the FEA Programme. A most rewarding, informative and relaxed day. I came away inspired. Thank you Paul.

I really enjoyed this course, good relevant content delivered with clear guidance in easily manageable chunks. Having completed this course I now feel confidant in my ability to assess and effectively treat with facial acupuncture, well worth the investment, I’m kind of sorry it’s over! The results for my friend and practice patient have been

I have really enjoyed studying Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and given that I live in the North East of England using this online facility has proved cost effective. The site is easy to navigate, information easy to understand and includes some very good quality training videos. The assessment process is straightforward with a mix of multiple choice,

The facial enhancement acupuncture course by Paul is extremely insightful and there was brilliant support throughout. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to progress in the field of cosmetic acupuncture.

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. The course has been great and I would highly recommend it.

Hi Paul, Just wanted to say what a fantastic day Saturday was, I am raring to go and just waiting for needles to arrive, what a frustration that Monday was a Bank Holiday and everywhere was closed so I couldn’t order till yesterday!! Please thank all of your patients for being so nice and friendly

Thanks so much for the course, I have enjoyed it and have ordered your book which I hope to receive soon!

Dear Paul, I have finished my course now. I found it very inspiring and really enjoyed it! The points and techniques clearly described and well presented, the additional materials interesting, the assignments stimulating, the feedback helpful – what more would you want from a course? It was great, thank you very much! The intradermals video

All I can say is thank you Paul for a fantastic course. The videos were amazing and easy to follow. I have done online courses before, and I must stress this course was the best so far. I bought your book facial enhancement acupuncture clinical use and application, again what a good book. I will

I actually started adding it to my practice during facial treatments and acupuncture treatment for my clients and they love it. They find it very soothing specially around the eyes… It’s very exciting, I even add it to my home care regimen.

Thank you so much for a very thorough yet easy to read course. I felt confident to apply the techniques straight away and am so pleased I decided to do this.

The course was completely different from what I expected. As a physiotherapist I do not delve much into the Chinese medicine side of acupuncture so learning more about that side of the treatment was very interesting. There is a lot of information and the course is designed well, in little sections to master before moving on to

Thanks for the fantastic FEA masterclass held in Leamington Spa last Sunday! Wish we had more time for the practice, I really enjoyed it!

Hi Paul, The course was great. Very easy to follow and I appreciated having the facility to go back over certain sections. Your response to questions and grading of assignments was always very prompt, again something which was very much appreciated.

I thought the workshop was brilliant, and I was really astounded by the results.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Facial Enhance Course! It allowed me to do the course at my own pace and I could immediately begin working with the tools I learned during the course. The videos and text was very clear and concise. I would recommend this course to any acupuncturist interested in widening their knowledge in

Thank you Paul, It’s been a real pleasure to learn your technique. Beyond what I had imagined. I am trained to be a TCM practitioner. It’s all very serious and stern at times. I was looking for something a little ‘lighter’ to bring variety to my practice and thought about facial rejuvenation. To be totally honest,

I am really enjoying doing my facial work and getting some fab results.

The course has been great, a step by step approach which allowed me to integrate everything in detail. I liked the fact to have the assignments and wait for a feedback (very useful). I’ve always wanted to do a facial acupuncture course since the beginning of my degree as an acupuncturist and this course has

Thank you so much for offering this course, enjoyed it and hope to get busy using it ASAP.

My initial thoughts were of how would a online acupuncture course work however, I needn’t have worried because the course was really enjoyable. Using photogenic evidence for assignments was really great in that it was great feedback for myself to have a visual tool to use. I have also purchased the book which I carry

Thank you for your course. This was my first CPD course since graduation in November. I wanted to open the clinic door for a variety of customers and you know what… my first ever client came for cosmetic acupuncture. So I guess I made the right choice. 🙂

I have really enjoyed the course and Paul has been a great source of support.  I know that I am fully supported through course texts and videos and the useful feedback and I know that help is only an email away.  It has been a pleasure to add Facial Enhance to my toolkit.

I was lucky enough to have a 1:1 Facial Enhancement Masterclass with Paul. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and I learned a huge amount from him. He made the day interesting and relaxed and was happy to answer all of my many questions. The day was a perfect mix of observation and practical and I now

I thought this course was fantastic, a great platform to do an online course on, gave me flexibility to learn around my job and communication was always clear and at the times outlined on the course. I enjoyed it, sure it will open up an avenue for income and scope for introducing new patients to

The four of us were really happy about the course with Paul we had last week and we are all going to give cosmetic treatments soon which is really encouraging!

In summery Paul’s teaching of this subject is refreshing, motivational and insightful.   In the absence of practical learning in a taught workshop, the expert way the online course was structured and taught made learning interesting and the information provided logical and easy to understand.  I feel the assignments and tests complemented the course and

I recently participated in Paul Adkins’ Masterclass Cosmetic Acupuncture course. Paul was friendly, professional and very helpful. I found the course to be informative, without being too padded with unnecessary information, interactive and we had plenty of opportunity to practice. It was a great day!

This course is amazing, I would like really thank you for the professional approach and the very very useful information!!! You teach me a lot of things, I can’t imagine an on line course could have being so complete and satisfying, really really well done and I would recommend it to all of friends. I

I really enjoyed my one-to-one FEA training with Paul. Paul is very inspiring and enthusiastic – the day gave me the practical hands on experience and confidence to put my skills into practice straight away. I am so pleased with the results and my patients look amazing!

Dear Paul!I came all the way from Israel for your workshop, not knowing who I am going to meet, and as soon as I stepped into your clinic I knew I was in the right place! Thank you for this wonderful workshop, I learned so much from you. This technique is a great tool for

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and illuminating training on Saturday last. I thought it was terrific, and was very impressed!

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from this course and expanding my knowledge in acupuncture. I found this course to be very well structured, the lessons were clearly explained and the regular assignments were extremely useful and helpful. Also Paul’s feedback on assignments was always positive, helpful and constructive. I would highly recommend any acupuncturists to learn

The course was excellent and helped me a lot by making me practice what I was reading in order to go on with course. I loved it. I am beginning to see more and more aspects of cosmetic acupuncture everyday and I am becoming an expert on seeing faces behind the faces! Thank you for

Many thanks Stacey and Paul for organising such a great day last Saturday. I really enjoyed it and learnt alot. I found your teaching style and the small group really great for learning these kinds of techniques and look forward to catching up with you soon.

Thanks so much for this course, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and even though it took me a long time to complete, it was great that I could go at my own pace. I am really looking forward to booking clients, and seeing what difference I can make to their inner health as well as their

I was initially skeptical about signing up to an e learning course but this soon proved unfounded. There was plenty of support and guidance through phone contact, emails and video links, and the assessment process was very thorough giving great feedback on aspects of both theory and practical submissions. I would advise anyone with a

Thank you for the course. I thought it was very well put together and thank you for being so quick to reply to my questions.

What a wonderful informative weekend of training with the founder of Facial Enhance Paul Adkins @facialenhance to continue to learn more complex techniques to offer our clients in non surgical treatments. I’m absolutely blown away by some of the techniques used on myself and my ‘number 11’ frown lines I have had since a child

If you are thinking of attending one of Paul’s courses I highly recommend both the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and Micro Needling Therapy. Paul and Stacey were both extremely helpful throughout the whole process, from booking to arriving at the course. Paul was kind enough to pick me up and drop me back to my accommodation each day

Dear Paul, Thanks a lot for the opportunity to participate in the Online Facial Acupuncture Course. In my opinion, the program of the course is structured really well. Thanks to your feedback, I’ve learned about certain professional nuances that helped me to implement my knowledge in building the protocol for facial skin rejuvenation. For me,

Thank you very much, I have thoroughly enjoyed doing your course and now that it is done, I am very much looking forward to adding it to my repertoire.

Thank you very much for the brilliant course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fantastic teaching – very informative, relaxed atmosphere and professional. I came away from the course excited and looking forward to treating clients.

First of all, it’s a great honour to be a part of this course. I learned a lot, I get experience and knowledge in using different kinds of needles which are useful and effective. I’ll use some of them during the course. THANK YOU for this course, Paul – expert – you explained the concept

Thank you !!  Really love your course, Paul.  It is simple, organized and invokes some deeper thinking.  I like all of that.

Thank you Paul for sharing and teaching all your knowledge, this was a wonderful course to take, I highly recommend it. I have finished this course, and now I am looking forward to start at my own clnic. Thank you again!

Hi paul… it was an amazing experience learning with you. Thank you.

I had a lovely time on the course, it was great to have such a focused workshop session and I learnt loads.

Thank you so much for creating this course. I have to say I was not sure what to expect with an online acupuncture course, but I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed completing it. It was nice to do a course were I could take my time, and not have someone standing over

Dear Paul, Thank you a lot for this course. It was really exiting for me to see and understand how classical acupuncture is used in a Facial Enhancement Acupuncture. As regarding the course, very instructive for me were video lessons. Even a doctor with experience sometimes finds it difficult to visualize some details for himself.

I have totally loved this course. In fact, I am just so glad I have done all three courses that you offer because there is so much cross over in each. This course is particularly well laid out and demonstrated. Thank you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing the course and am excited for the new opportunities to come. The course is set out really well and very easy to follow. Feedback was very efficient also. Having all the equipment sent and ready to use was really helpful. Conducting the very first treatment is slightly nerve racking however

I truly enjoyed the course, the quality of the lessons and the videos. It was one of the best online course I have ever taken.

I trained as an auricular acupuncturist and when I read about facial acupuncture it really interested me. From the moment I emailed Paul and asked for more information on the workshop he has been VERY supportive. I found the workshop extremely informative, very relaxed and I learnt a lot. Paul is very passionate about his work and loves

I love the work and your course was excellent. Great information. Organized. Concise and very applicable. I loved it!

Dear Paul, Thank you so much for the training in Facial Acupuncture, I wish you were nearer as I would definitely have treatments, my face is still glowing, despite the stressful train journey home which took about 8 hours…. I really enjoyed the course and thought you were very motivational and I feel much more

I very much enjoyed this course. While I was disappointed not to be able to join some of my peers at ICOM recently to do the course with you in person, the online version has been excellent and has arguably allowed me to assimilate all the information more deeply over time than if I’d done

Absolutely loved this course. I could not decide whether to attend the workshop course or learn online so Covid 19 made the decision for me and online it was! The format and content of the online course was excellent. Tremendous support from Paul throughout, he really is an excellent, knowledgeable and encouraging tutor.  I have

Thank for the course it has been a really wonderful learning experience…

It’s been great working on the course, very, very well put together and very informative.

Really enjoyed learning this course, I’ll use it alongside with your Facial Enhancement Acupuncture course.

Thank you for another great course, Paul. I think this is a great addition to the learning for the FEA and dermal roller courses in a much deeper way, and it was well worth the extra cost and study. I love the gua sha addition, as I have been asked about this method as a

Just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the FEA training… the course was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hi Paul, I have really enjoyed this course, the format suited me very well.  Right from the beginning, learning more about collagen production, through to the learning videos; which were especially clear, and easy to access and review whenever I needed. I also thought that your accessibility for help and feedback was good. After completing

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, which was very well presented, comprehensive and easy to follow. I am inspired by my case study’s results and excited to bring your protocol into my practice. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I enjoyed the online course and I will make the techniques I have learnt into a treatment to offer my clients.

I’ve really enjoyed the course and the clear instructions, Paul clearly has dedicated time, talent and effort to this craft. I have and will continue to recommend this course to acupuncturists that I work with and I can’t wait to offer these treatments to people who want to look and feel better.

I really enjoyed the course yesterday. A great demonstration, followed by an opportunity to practise the full protocol. Thanks Paul, can’t wait to bring this treatment to my patients.

Hi! I really enjoyed this course! I think in school we didn’t learn/focus on jade rollers and Gua sha techniques for the face so this was wonderful! I just finished your Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and I absolutely love the combination of both! I cannot wait to practice. I think the videos are extremely helpful! I

Hi Paul, just to say what a fabulous time I had on Saturday, it was really what I needed to get myself moving on the acupuncture front! I do hope to come down again.

Just a quick, but massive thank you for the very brilliant day I spent with you a couple of weeks ago. I learnt enough to make me feel confident to have a go – I’ve got my first client booked in tomorrow!

I enrolled to this on line course of Facial Enhancement acupuncture with high expectations and enthusiasm. Within the first three lessons I realized that I have chosen the correct path towards the proficiency of cosmetic acupuncture. I enjoyed leaning with clear instructions and high quality videos.The lessons were excellent, and I did assignments with great

Just wanted to thank you for your time and expertise on Wednesday. It gave me alot to think about and adds another bow so to speak.

I have finished the course and wanted to let you know, that I really enjoyed this interactive work and a new way of studying. This was absolutely brilliant, with clear notes and videos of each step.

I really enjoyed the course, and I intend to implement the program in my acupuncture therapies.

I have found the course to be well structured and will definitely be recommending it to fellow acupuncturists. I found the short practical demonstrations to be particularly useful and also liked that I could look back over previous lessons once they were completed. Thank you for your time, and encouraging support.

I found the Micro Needle Therapy Course very clear, very informative and the numerous videos very helpful. The protocol is easy to apply yet, requires precision and attention. I find it a superb complement to the FEA treatment as it allows to work on all the hard to reach areas.I would highly suggest to anyone

The flexibilty offered by the online course is just fantastic. The information is clear and precise and the ability to watch and re-watch the videos is invaluable. Paul was easily contactable via email and available for any query. I am delighted to be able to offer this as an additional treatment in my practice. Thank

Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn facial rejuvenating acupuncture on line.
This was a great course, very comprehensive and detailed.
You designed very good treatment protocol, methodical and holistic.
I enjoyed every lesson and the challenge of each assignment.
I am already practicing my skills and having very

I have really enjoyed this very comprehensive online Facial Enhancement Acupuncture course by Paul Adkins. The course exceeds my expectations. Paul is a very experienced and knowledgeable Acupuncturist and is providing his students with helpful information based on his own clinical experience. The content is very well presented and taught. I would highly recommend this

Many thanks for this course Paul. It is more than difficult enough to complete a 3 year degree when you have young children, let alone complete further training. The online course fits perfectly into my busy schedule of Acupuncturist and full-time Mum. With the TCM training I gained during my Degree at Lincoln University, this

I have spent 2 days one-on-one training with Paul – FEA and MNT. It was a really fantastic and productive time and apart from the practical teaching I got a lot of ideas and thought-provoking advice from him. It is brilliant to became a member of the network and enjoy its benefits. I would highly

Thank you for everything. The course was awesome! Thanks for turning me on to the intradermal needles. I like using them!

I have really enjoyed the course – it is great that you can work at your own pace, the assignments are varied and interesting.

Please could you say a big thank you to Paul for the course on Saturday, I really enjoyed it…

I did the FEA course in September last year, it was fantastic and I am using my new skills.

Paul, it’s been a true pleasure learning cosmetic acupuncture with you.  You are always available to answer my questions and it’s wonderful to know that even though I’m taking an online course, that an instructor makes the effort to respond to students right away.  That means so much to me and I would highly recomend

I really enjoyed the course, Paul’s attention to detail and explanations were thorough and informative, having just four to the class makes all the difference. The course handout is also exceptional, he has thought about and covered everything. I recommend this very, well taught course!

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I thought the videos were well put together and the music accompanying them really enhanced them. I already do an acupressure face massage and so the rollers and gua sha will really enhance this.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your Facial Enhancement course….wonderful instruction and a great vibe! I would recommend your course for anyone wanting to learn or top up their Facial Acupuncture Training. I feel inspired!

The course gives plenty of content and is structured well. Paul is keen to get back to you regarding questions that need answering. I would highly recommend Paul’s facial enhancement course.

Hello Paul, thank you very much for a well structured and interesting course. This was perfect for me as I prefer to study and carry out research at my own pace. As a newly qualified practitioner I was a little apprehensive about studying on line, but found the course both comprehensive and easy to follow. I am now

Many thanks again for the great course…the advice you provided from your experience made the course easy to follow.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session on Saturday. Relaxed but very professional it showed me a lot of useful techniques besides the facial rejuvenation. Thank you very much.

Thanks for a great course in Leamington yesterday, I really enjoyed it.

A very comprehensive and detailed online course, it is definitely not the easy option. I feel much more knowledgeable about Facial Enhancement Acupuncture than I feel I would be after a single days training. This online course has allowed me to learn in depth the reasons for using certain points and how to follow the

I would like to thank you for the knowledge I got during this course. I’ve seen the benefits for the patients to engage themselves in such a treatment and truly they look wonderful.

I am a 5 Element Acupuncturist who attended Paul Adkins Cosmetic Acupuncture work shop. I really enjoyed the day. Paul is a professional and relaxed person who has a great sense of humour. His explanation of the procedure was very detailed and he was happy to answer the many questions that were thrown at him.

I have really enjoyed the course provided by Paul. It was recommended to me by a friend/acupuncturist, and I am glad I followed up on this recommendation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course with a mixture of materials provided. I feel much more confident in not only needling the face for FEA but the different

I cannot praise enough the standard and quality of the training I received from Paul Adkins both in cosmetic acupuncture and Micro Needle Therapy. From the welcoming and tranquil environment of the clinic to the detailed training which was delivered with care, patience and competence. I felt at ease within minutes of arriving and chatting.

Thank you Paul for such an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable day! The course is set out brilliantly, with a good balance of theory and practical, and most importantly plenty of time to ask questions. Paul was on hand constantly to guide us through the process and give us constructive feedback and I’ve left feeling confident

I really enjoyed the course, covered with all aspects what we need to know.

I really enjoyed learning this new skill and look forward to adding it to the services I offer in my clinic. I like that this method incorporates elements of TCM to enhance the client’s experience and that it allows me the opportunity to help people during FEA treatment and also to introduce them to acupuncture for health and wellbeing which

The workshop with Paul was a great experience – very relaxing and informative, but most of all, there was plenty of hands-on practice and observation. Paul is obviously very passionate about what he does, and that was infectious. To be able to learn in such a small group was a very unusual experience, and all the

Thank you for all your help throughout the course, its been fantastic and I can’t wait to begin!

I have much respected Paul’s experience and the breadth of his knowledge. The course was taught in a friendly, supportive and relaxed environment with sufficient hands-on and real experience, which is inspiring and empowering. Paul explains things so clearly. I have felt that I can implement the skills confidently in my own practice. Excellent training. Thank

I enjoyed the course, thanks, very informative and enjoyable.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for brilliant day on Thursday. I got so much more from a one-to-one with you than I would have from a group situation.

Before starting, I wondered how easy a distance learning course would be. However, I found the course to be very well supported and flexible enough to fit in with daily life as a working Mum. I enjoyed the modular setup of the course as it meant I could complete the course in steps at my

Another great course, really thorough and informative. I already have quite a lot of interest and cant wait to get started, thank you for providing a great training package.

I really enjoyed the course so thank you very much.

Paul this was indeed one of the most enjoyable courses for me  and thank you so much for allowing me to participate. It allowed me not to just gain  knowledge and insight but “i gained a new skill”. I hope to succesfully implement this at Aculife Detox in the beautiful City of Pretoria South Africa. Paul is a great

Saturday was great… great teaching, great people, great results …. great!

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the online course. It was helpful to view video every time I was stuck.

This was a fantastic course! I researched all different courses on facial rejuvenation and I am so happy that I chose this one. The course was very thorough and comprehensive which made me feel very comfortable carrying out the facial rejuvenation treatments. It was great to have feedback from Paul throughout the course as well.

I have really enjoyed the course and the way it was presented. I had already read your book on the topic and the course with the videos was a great way to fully understand the way of FEA treatment.

Thank you for this wonderful course. I really enjoy the online learning. Your feedback is very encouraging and helpful. I can’t wait to add MNT to my practice.

I really enjoyed the Facial Enhancement Acupuncture training. The balance of the day was just right, allowing time for us to hear from Paul, see a treatment being demonstrated and then practice our own skills. I have come away feeling really enthused about adding Facial Acupuncture to my offer.

Thank you so much for the course, it’s been a real joy to work through. I agree that patients want to look better and I have been asked in the past if some needles would help with lines and could I include that in a treatment? Well, now I feel confident and happy to be

Great day today in Leamington.  It’s a fantastic treatment and I loved doing the intradermals – it felt vaguely surgical!

Paul, thank you so much for a great day: full of inspiration, learning and fun. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting all the ‘stuff’ I need to get started at the Facial Enhancement.

The course has been very informative. It is very well structured and supplements the text theory with very easy to follow images and videos. The team is always on hand to help in any way and provide valuable feedback. One of the best courses for online facial acupuncture I have come across.

The workshop is about more than just reproducing a set of points prescription for cosmetic acupuncture. Paul offers fantastic advice on how to market this as a business;  it is clear that Paul is passionate about making his clients feel pampered and feeling internally balanced as well as offering facial enhancement treatment. I fully recommend

I would like to thank you so very much indeed for all the time that you spent with me at your clinic last week. As an undergraduate in this field ‘hands on’ experience is truly not to be underestimated and this was my first experience! I was privileged to meet your patients and I have

Thoroughly enjoyed studying Facial Enhancement Acupuncture. Paul & Stacey are both great at responding quickly to any queries you may have as well as feedback on assignments. I’d definitley recommend this course to any practitioner, its a very enjoyable creative treatment to give.

…hope you had an enjoyable trip to India, we all here enjoyed your knowledge database and your warmth.


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