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Some Interesting Acupuncture Points

As part of my online course, students submit acupuncture points assignments following completion of each of the eight lessons.

It has been my pleasure to work with some very accomplished and inspiring acupuncturists over the years and the assignments I receive from all of my students, whatever their acupuncture background, are always fascinating and interesting to read.

I use a combination of 28 acupuncture points in my Facial Enhancement Acupuncture protocol. As I train TCM, 5 Element, Auricular and Western Medical acupuncturists, I ask them to consider 3 points that they feel could bring additional benefits to their patients or to research 3 of the points I recommend, detailing their use in this form of treatment.

With the kind permission of 5 Element Acupuncturist Dave Yeomans, I would like to share a small extract from his recent assignment:

“These are some of the points I have looked at! As well as treating facial appearance they also help things like glaucoma, paralysis, spasm, deafness to name but a few.

… Bl 2 is very effective in helping eyelid spasms. It is on the medial end of the eye brow above Bl 1. I would probably needle this along with Bl 17/18/20 known as the magnificent 6. Mag 6 nourish liver blood, the chief cause of ticks and spasms. I have also known Ht 7 stop a twitching eye lid, Ht 7 nourishes Ht blood and calms the shen. Bl 2 also sends liver yang down when it is rising into the head, this will improve the pallor and circulation ergo the muscle tone…”

Dave goes on to discuss other points (referencing Shanghai’s Manual of Acupuncture) that can also be used for the conditions he lists in the first paragraph. This echoes my belief that cosmetic acupuncture is very much a holistic treatment – we are not only working on the outside, but on the inner self too, to build a foundation that will enable the person’s natural beauty to shine through.

Interested in learning the full Facial Enhancement Acupuncture protocol? Enrol on my online course today, email me to book your place on an upcoming masterclass or arrange one-to-one training.

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    acupuncture is very much a holistic treatment – we are not only working on the outside, but on the inner self too, to build a foundation that will enable the person's natural beauty to shine through.

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